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Check Out New KTM Models at Moto Europa

Posted By: Chad Faerber
Post Date: 11/25/2020

If you own a KTM, you know.

You understand how it feels to brake on hard dirt, execute a quick turn, and feel that rush of speed as you power into the next stretch. There's no bike quite as rugged, maneuverable, or FAST as a KTM.

At Moto Europa, we sell a lot of KTM bikes, and we love getting updates on future models. Here's what we can tell you about the 2021 bikes, coming to our shop soon!

We Can't Wait to See the Updated KTM 690R Enduro

The 2021 KTM 690R Enduro will keep the same slim lines and unparalleled handling. According to recent reports, however, there will be several updates to the 2019 build, including:

  • More improvements in ergonomics and electronics
  • Improved ride functionality through a handlebar switch: STREET mode and OFFROAD setting
  • A new graphics package for a more aggressive look in orange and gray

With the advanced tech, improved handling at your fingertips, and the KTM's powerful 74 horsepower engine, we're sure this new model will be a winner. We can't wait to give it a test drive and share our own conclusions!

Ready for a Test Drive? Visit Moto Europa!

Many of our customers first experience KTM bikes as motocross fans and riders. It's easy to see why. KTM is well-known for its motocross wins; its first championship win came in 1974 and KTM has won more than 260 world championship titles since! That makes this Austrian brand one of the most successful in motorsports.

If you haven't experienced a KTM, there's no time like the present! We know you'll love the modern, aggressive style and the adrenaline that builds with each twist and turn. KTM guarantees high performance on a lightweight ride. Once you try it, you may never look at offroad bikes the same way again.

Find out why KTMs are known for offroad excellence. Visit our showroom for available KTM models or to take a test drive today.

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