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Making the Most of an Empty Road: Our Best Rides, Past & Present

Posted By: Chad Faerber
Post Date: 09/03/2020

The coronavirus has kept many of us at home over the last few months. That doesn't mean we're not reminiscing about our last memorable ride or daydreaming about our next one! We've been chatting with our customers about their favorite rides, both past and present. The stories we heard did not disappoint.

Riding During a Pandemic? No Problem

The great thing about riding is that you're perfectly socially distanced on a motorcycle. In fact, now is a great time to hit a backroad loop! There are some great ones here in Missouri. You could also plan a ride to your old hometown or another location you haven't visited in awhile. Need to get away? Plan a solo camping trip before fall sets in. Or use this time to improve as a rider by practicing your trail breaking.

Even if you can't be touring in Europe or heading down the coast to Mexico, you can practice hugging the curves and imagine your next big trip.

The Best Motorcycle Adventures, According to Our Fans

Lately, we asked a few of our riders to tell us about their best motorcycle adventures. They had us green with envy and planning our own post-COVID trips.

Steven Kohlscheen discussed two trips that stood out to him:

"1991 - My first road trip on my own motorcycle. I was 18, on a 1971 R60/5, my first street bike. I rode with my parents and our usual riding friends from Iowa City to Flagstaff, Arizona for the BMW National Rally. I got a youngest rider award at the rally! We did the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon (watched a thunderstorm pass through the canyon below our feet). Tent camped in the grass median at the Howard Johnson's in Tuba City because we got there late and all the rooms were booked. We were so whupped from riding that day, the clerk took pity on us! It was the first time I saw Colorado."

While Steven says he's been back about a dozen times, we're pretty sure he never forgot that first gem of a ride. Fast forward to 2003:

"I went with a big group of friends from the St. Louis area to Deal's Gap. We stayed at the actual Deal's Gap resort. Spent multiple days in the area riding all kinds of roads. The weather was perfect all week. Amazing memories."

Harvey Small agreed that it was hard to pick just one riding experience: 

"There was Italy with a week of unstructured day rides in Sardinia; Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, Monterey and San Francisco; an extended jaunt from Gettysburg to St. Louis by way of Oswego, Niagara Falls and Windsor, Ontario; a rally to the mountain Ryokan with the BMW Club of Japan; taking the Goldwing to Maryland by way of Birmingham, Alabama and the Blue Ridge; and also a trip to Isle Royale National Park! So I'm just going to say, 'the first one after the epidemic!" 

Chris Gillibrand and John Weber described two trips each that were unforgettable: 

"Toss up between 2500 mile combined Colorado/Sturgis trip on my Tiger 800 or doing the SM500 last year. Both great trips!" 

"I have so many. I would have to say St. Louis to Austin, Texas for the MotoGP and then out to Los Angeles and back to St. Louis with my son. I rode mine, he rode his. It was EPIC!" 

Tom Saathoff also described a trip with his kid that he'll remember for years to come: 

"So far, my trip with my 14-year-old daughter doing the Lake Superior circle tour. We didn't get our trip to Nova Scotia this year." 

It may be Rob Ehlers' response that we're most intrigued by: 

"A poker run, many years ago, that ended with admission to a flat track race at Tri City Raceway." 

Tell Us About Your Best Adventure! 

Do you have a riding memory that competes with these? We love to hear about legendary rides - the good, the bad, and the ugly! Come into the shop sometime and tell us about yours!

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